Cat Quest is a really simple top-down action-RPG made by a development company called The Gentlebros back in 2017.

The story makes several Skyrim references, but the cartoonish design and play style are more reminiscent of Ni No Kuni. The visuals and mechanics are both very simple, the story is a pretty cut and paste adventure to save the damsel in distress and the protagonist is completely silent… but you know… It’s got Cats!

This game makes no apologies for what it is, and that’s a game by a bunch of pun lovin’ cat people for a bunch of pun lovin’ cat people. You play a furry little adventurer who is the last of the Dragonblood, an ancient order of heroes chosen by destiny to fight the plague of dragons. Along with your spectral paw-tner Spirry, you must traverse the country of Felingard, battling beasties, unlocking magical powers, upgrading your equipment and protecting townsfolk as you search for the evil cat who took your sister.

Everything about the game is clean, from the beautifully rendered world-map to the most minor of character sprites. You can really tell that they wanted to make sure this game didn’t have a single bug or piece of choppy animation to make it look cheap. It isn’t complex, but it is polished to a mirror shine.

The fighting is fun too. Each of the enemies have their own unique method of attack, so you’re constantly learning new ways to counter them, which keeps the game engaging in spite of the simple combat system. These little foxes will do a sort of fiery ground-pound that you have time your dodge to avoid and these goats will do some lightening magic that only strikes in a straight line. Later you’ll fight enemies that can only be beaten with magic, or ones that come after you in swarms. Each time you encounter new kinds of enemies, you’ll have to come up with new methods of beating them. It’s easy enough while you’re still out on the world map, but it can get tricky once you’re down in the tight constraints of the dungeons. Narrow paths and sudden clusters of enemies can make their simple attacks challenging to navigate.

I played this game on PC, but you can get it on Switch, PS4, Google Play or even the Apple App Store, so there’s really no reason not to give it a try. It’s a little spot of sunshine for you to curl up and take a nice cat-nap in. I’ll probably be playing the sequel as well in the near future. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in seeing that review.

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