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Here you can find samples of Cody D. Campbell’s professional work in Video Game and Tech Journalism.

For full written works, visit Cody’s author pages on High Ground Gaming, SVG, and Looper.

For video, visit the YouTube channels HGG and Reading Into It.


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SVGPokemon Could Look a Lot Different in the Future
SVGThe One Thing You Shouldn’t Have to Worry About With Sony Buying Evo
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Video Reviews

NEW HyperX Keyboard Review
Unboxing and review video of the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 mechanical gaming keyboard for the HGG YouTube channel.
Is this the Best Budget Switch Pro Controller at $30?
Unboxing and review video of the EasySMX Switch Pro Controller for the HGG YouTube channel.
Night In The Woods Review: Ghosts, Leaves and Friends
Review of the game Night in the Woods for the Reading Into It YouTube Channel
Bastion Review: Style and Sound
Review of the game Bastion for the Reading Into It YouTube Channel

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