Preface: I’m not a poet, but a mood struck me. This is how I feel whenever I hear this man talk. I don’t want to hear it for the next 4 years.

You miss the days of white picket fences,

When all the trash was under the rug,

When bad things happened, but not to you,

Not to the normal ones.


You want a man of bold words,

Someone who takes the world by storm.

You want a man, more than a man,

A brand, an icon made pure.


A lover of women, I can’t help myself,

So well groomed, so behaved.

We let them eat at the table and,

You laugh because they think they’re people.


My black voters love me, look at them dance,

Look at them sing!

It’s nice in moderation,

When they know their place.


You love me for my confidence,

Because my bigotry is genuine.

You want your white picket fence?

I’ll make America great again.